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Cisive Case Studies

Real-world Results in a Range of Industries for a Range of Needs

Cisive case studies show how companies ranging from a financial services firm to a major soft drink bottler have benefited from a new kind of regulatory compliance search, automated applicant background screening, and other Cisive solutions.

One of the world’s largest express delivery services used Cisive to integrate its comprehensive background screening process with its existing applicant tracking system.

The country’s largest cable services provider looked to Cisive to provide a user-friendly, web-based system that could be used from its Philadelphia headquarters and in its field offices throughout the United States.

One of the largest private security guard companies in the U.S. left Cisive when a competitor promised an applicant tracking system that would fully manage its applicant tracking process in addition to processing backgrounds — and returned to Cisive 18 months later.

A large soft drink bottler needed a more cost-effective, efficient way to manage its application process, which handles over 20,000 applications a year for a range of positions across dozens of job levels.