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Employment & Education History From ScreenID

Thorough and Accurate Investigations HR Can Count On 

ScreenID is known in the industry for the thoroughness and accuracy of our investigations that HR can depend on every time. Our proprietary process for employment screening, education verification, and professional reference checks employs a technology interface that ensures verifications are completed within your time frame.

Trained Professionals Use a Team Approach for Complete Reports 

ScreenID trained professionals use a team approach to manage verifications, increasing the opportunity of reaching the source and obtaining a completed verification.

  • We guarantee daily staggered attempts to verify information through official HR and payroll records and supervisor contact. 
  • ScreenID will automatically send emails that identify missing elements and ask the candidate to take action, including easy email, text, or upload documentation through our online portal to reduce time service.
  • All Employment & Education verifications are conducted by U.S. personnel.

ScreenID Has the Industry’s Highest Accuracy Measures

  • 96.18% — Employment verification rate
  • 98.83% — Education verification rate

Education Verification

ScreenID verifies that the institution to be checked is accredited by a recognized accreditation body and then conducts a check of the applicant’s highest degree attained or attended, or all of the applicant’s education, as specified by the client. Qualifications may be set by the client (only post-high school, no trade schools, etc.). Each education verification includes attempts to verify attendance, periods of enrollment, degree/diploma awarded, and graduation date.

Employment Verification

ScreenID conducts a check of all listed employers during a specified period of time. Employers discovered through a Credit History Check or Social Security Number Check during the specified period of time can be checked at the client’s request. Employment verification includes dates of employment, job title, eligibility for rehire, and reason for leaving.

Professional Credentials

ScreenID contacts the appropriate organization to verify Professional Credentials listed on the application and issued by the organization. Each Professional Credential Check can also include a disciplinary action record, if available, at the client’s request. ScreenID obtains information on the license or accreditation verification and standing by contacting the appropriate licensing and regulatory body directly.

Professional Reference Check

ScreenID contacts and interviews listed or developed references to obtain personal subjective information about the applicant. This information may be derived from a customized question set and include additional names, addresses, character traits, habits, strengths, weaknesses, and whether the reference would recommend the applicant for employment. In addition, details of the references’ relationship with the applicant may be provided, including how long they have been acquainted and the type of relationship.

Military Verification

ScreenID will contact the necessary sources to confirm the candidate’s military service, including branch, dates of enlistment/commission, rank or pay grade, and type of discharge.

DOT Employment Verification

ScreenID will conduct a check of all listed employers during a specified period and verify DOT-regulated employment. Employers discovered through a Credit History Check or Social Security Number Check during the specified period can be checked at the client’s request. If it is determined that the individual worked in a DOT-regulated position, ScreenID will request answers to DOT-mandated questions as required.