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Social Media Searches From ScreenID

ScreenID Social Media Searches Reveal a Candidate’s Real Character

ScreenID's strategic partner searches and analyzes a job candidate’s Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram records to help employers better understand the character and trustworthiness of a potential hire.

See an Applicant’s Posts, Tweets, Blogs, and More

A combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human-based quality assurance automatically highlights red flags of your candidate’s social media persona. Flags may reference bigotry, illegal drugs, discriminatory behavior, or any “custom risk” you feel may have a negative impact. 

Fama Technologies, our strategic partner, has a secure, cloud-based platform that offers a revealing perspective into a person’s character, with a focus on standardization and compliance that’s inherent in market-leading enterprise software.

  • Posts: Posted by the candidate or tagged by friends
  • Media: Photos and videos posted by the candidate or in which the candidate is tagged 
  • Social Graph: Tracks content and profiles a candidate likes and follows
  • Search Results: Drawn from public records