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Global Screening From ScreenID

100% Configurable Global Platform

Acquiring background screening information in over 200 countries and territories means navigating unique regional demands. Our global background screening program requires a dedicated focus to in-country process, procedure, and compliance, with an emphasis on an exceptional applicant and client experience.

ScreenID’s Onboarding platform integrates global, country-by-country, rules-based logic into our report production system. We maintain an electronic library of country- and lead-specific forms and procedures to assist our clients in making compliant decisions. By systematically presenting these forms to the candidate at the onset of the process, our clients realize a significantly decreased time service and a legally compliant process. Our technology is 100% configurable and supports multiple languages in our portal, along with translated forms.

eSecure Global® Proprietary Technology

ScreenID relies on our proprietary, rules-based workflow system to ensure that correct and legally compliant country forms are presented as needed. Our global network of research agents is constantly monitored for thoroughness, quality, and time-service levels to supplement our direct online access to courts where available. All of our research agents receive assignments and return results through our secure proprietary communication software, eSecure Global. 

We are the only consumer reporting agency with an HR-XML interface from Cisive to in-country researchers and back!

ScreenID's global solution delivers:

  • Comprehensive country requirements knowledge
  • A configurable client portal
  • Centralized investigation/report system
  • Robust quality control and reverification processes
  • Around-the-clock investigation time-service model
  • Global PII protection — Cisive rejects a home-based worker model
  • A closed-loop electronic connection from client to country researcher
  • The highest performance standards and most-qualified single-source solution

eSecure Global® ensures that all information is encrypted as it transitions electronically through the background investigation, reducing manual data entries and enhancing speed for minimal turn time.