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Maryland Fingerprinting

ScreenID is a certified private provider by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. Through relationships with background screening clients and the need to assist with finding solutions to additional problems, ScreenID conducts fingerprint collection within regionalized areas.

ScreenID conducts fingerprinting services throughout the state of Maryland for countless companies, entities and government agencies.  We have trained and qualified fingerprint technicians as well as partner sites, located throughout the state.

ScreenID provides fingerprinting for all purposes such as schools, childcare, nursing, licensing, gun permits, etc.  To make an appointment today at our local office located at 8707 Commerce Drive, Easton, MD 21601, visit https://koalendar.com/e/fingerprinting.

Easton Office Hours:

By Appointment Only: Monday – Friday 9 A.M. to 4: 30 P.M.

For Processing you must bring the following:

  • Completed Pre-Registration Form - Download the LiveScan Pre-Registration Form
  • Authorization Number and ORI Number on the Pre-Registration Form
  • Current, Valid Government issued Photo ID (Driver’s License, Passport, Student ID, Military ID)
  • Form of Payment (No Personal Checks)
  • Any additional information supplied to you in reference to the reason you are to be fingerprinted

If you are looking to set up a mobile unit to come onsite to your location please contact us at [email protected] or call 877-702-7107 and ask for the fingerprinting department.