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Electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify From ScreenID

Technology and Integration for Easy and Accurate I-9 Submissions

Using e-signature technology, built-in field level validation, and integration with the E-Verify system, ScreenID facilitates electronic Form I-9 completion to complete E-Verify submissions through an interface with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Streamline the Process, Reduce Risk

ScreenID's Electronic I-9 process includes capture, storage, and management. It assists with exception and tentative non-confirmation (TNC) processing while maintaining an auditable log for compliance monitoring.

  • Eases E-Verify implementation
  • Streamlines audits
  • Eliminates invalid I-9 data on the new-hire and employer sections
  • Is compliant with state and federal laws
  • Replaces paper retention of I-9 data with more “e-friendly” electronic retention
  • Facilitates centralized management with increased visibility
  • Prevents I-9 violations with exception/escalation emails and comprehensive management report tools

Features and Benefits Only a Fully Integrated Process Can Deliver

  • Eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Leverages ScreenID's Onboarding technology, including ATS integration with single sign-on
  • Couples tightly with the I-9 process, including delegation of Section 2 completion
  • Codifies arduous tentative non-confirmation process in electronic workflow, eliminating your administrative burden
  • Delivers real-time submission to DHS upon employer e-signing the I-9 form
  • Leverages email notifications at key steps to turn our solution into an “active” system
  • Offers sophisticated, configurable, and flexible management reports to aid in the administration of the program
  • Safeguards employee information against identity theft and fraud
  • Provides compliance with state and federal laws
  • Provides compliance with the Privacy Act and other applicable laws and regulations

ScreenID Success Story: Nothing Short of Amazing

One of the world’s largest financial institutions engaged ScreenID's services to establish an electronic I-9/E-Verify solution. Given the size and decentralized nature of the organization, it had struggled with compliance in the past. Results from implementation of ScreenID's I-9/E-Verify solution after a short period of time were nothing short of amazing. Compliance rates soared, newfound oversight afforded to stakeholders provided a new level of reassurance, and the exorbitant costs associated with the previous paper process were wiped away.