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Social Security Number Verification From ScreenID

An Accurate, Highly Valuable Background Investigation Tool

For any employer, our Social Security check is an investigative resource that builds a more complete candidate background.

Get Another Level of Insight Into Any Candidate’s Background

The ScreenID SSN check inquiries into a candidate’s Social Security number against commercial sources, including credit bureau header information augmented with related compiled name and address information. 

This check is an investigative tool to build a complete background. It is used to:

  • Capture current and previous address history, aliases (AKAs), and date of birth (when available)
  • Establish a degree of identification by ascertaining whether the provided Social Security number has been associated with the candidate in a consumer transaction

(To positively validate that the number was assigned to a named person, ScreenID recommends E-Verify or Consent-based Social Security Number Validation through the Social Security Administration.)