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Automated Identity Authentication From ScreenID

Setting the Standard for Automated Identity Authentication

How do you know if a candidate is who they say they are? 

Data breach activity skyrocketed in 2017, exposing sensitive personal information including SSN, driver’s license, medical and/or financial records for millions of consumers. This combined with advancements in graphics technology, has made it easier for a deceptive candidate to falsify a government-issued ID and assume another person's identity. 

Coupled with the growing insider threat to businesses and compliance requirements in regulated industries, employers must add “Know Your Candidate” programs to their existing “Know Your Client” (KYC) program to protect their company, employees and customers.

Introducing IDVerity™

IDVerity is the first line of defense in the background screening process and a foundational tool to manage the ever increasing risk of fraud and impersonation.

IDVerityTM is state-of-the-art technology that forensically authenticates a candidate’s identity by validating the authenticity of their government issued ID and then comparing it to the candidates self-photograph taken from their mobile device.

The solution combines artificial intelligence (AI) technology including ID verification that authenticates the ID and identity verification using biometric facial recognition, liveliness detection and live verification experts, to provide a complete solution to verify the real-world identity of a candidate. The balance of AI and human review is a critical component to keeping employers globally compliant.

IDVerity is a simple and affordable way to verify the identity of your candidates.  Know who you’re hiring.

Learn how you can start taking advantage of this ground breaking technology! 

The Benefits of IDVerity

  • Accelerate candidate onboarding
  • Mitigate the risk of fraud and impersonation
  • Simple to use mobile app delivers a fast and secure candidate experience
  • Deter applications by fraudulent candidates
  • Easily incorporated into your existing onboarding processes
  • Meets due diligence and Know Your Candidate/Client (KYC)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements
  • Largest worldwide support of government issued IDs
  • Supports 300 different ID documents available in more than 3,000 different formats issued by over 200 ISO listed countries and territories
  • Balances AI and human review to keep you globally compliant