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Cisive Resource Library

Guidance and Support From Cisive's Experience and Insight

Explore our expanding series of educational white papers offering professional guidance and best practices in background screening, onboarding, and compliance.

Identity Authentication

This white paper discusses the issues involved with identity fraud and cutting edge identity authentication technology available to protect your company.

Drug Screening Compliance

Join Cisive and Encompass Compliance for a year in review and learn about state law nuances you probably didn’t know about. And, most importantly, how to address these concerns within your workplace policy & procedures.

Drug Screening Compliance

This White Paper discusses the ever-changing drug screening compliance minefield and how you can create a legally compliant screening policy for your company.

This white paper discusses the benefits and business impact of an ATS and background screening integration. It’s a must read for any HR professional who is interested in streamlining the initiation of the employment screening process, increasing overall efficiency, security and compliance.

This paper explores how to evaluate a background screening partner and surveys litigation trends while offering guidance to avoid litigation traps.

Learn the importance of a compliant Form I-9 signature process and get a Form I-9 electronic signature compliance checklist.

This paper explains the components of an end-to-end onboarding solution and the steps you need to take to ensure seamless, compliant, and efficient processes for the candidate and HR professional.

Social Media Employment Screening

Join Cisive and Fama for a unique perspective on the use of social media screening to enrich your organization's hiring standards and code of ethics. 

The Background Screening Request for Proposal Guide was developed to assist organizations with the creation of a request for proposal (RFP) for background screening.

This white paper examines the issues of pre-decision and adverse notifications as required by the FCRA and provides a series of best practices to help employers avoid potential civil liability when using background checks to make employment decisions.

This eBook discusses the steps you should follow to ensure compliance and avoid liability issues during the hiring process.

This white paper outlines the pitfalls when using commercial databases as a stand-alone research tool to conduct criminal history inquiries of prospective employees and provides a series of best practices for employers to consider.

This e-book outlines five practices that should be avoided when evaluating prospect background screening providers.

This white paper addresses some of the traps and dangerous practices that can ensnare the well-intentioned professional and will outline the elements of a strong vendor employee screening program.

The Best Practice Standards will help employers properly weigh adverse personal history to find those applicants who will contribute most to the productivity of the organization.

Social media screening of candidates is at an all-time high. This paper explains the legal limitations you need to be aware of to stay compliant.

As the face of the global workforce changes to accommodate an increasing number of temporary workers, this white paper examines the risks of limited screening of temp workers and offers alternative methods to manual screening.

This paper examines the current state of I-9 and E-Verify legislation and how changes have and may continue to impact U.S. employers.

This white paper examines the risks of not engaging in screening of contractors and vendors, and offers solutions for developing programs to screen contract and vendor employees.

Learn about the increasing use of credit reports in employment decisions and guidelines to avoid litigation traps.