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Post-Investment Due Diligence

Monitor the Risks After the Deal Is Done

After a business transaction or acquisition is concluded, the challenge of due diligence, monitoring risks, and maintaining a competitive advantage has only just begun. Our suite of monitoring services ensures that your business partners, suppliers, and sales agents operate with integrity.

Products That Detect Warning Signs to Protect Your Reputation

Since the FCPA was implemented, more than $4 billion of bribery payments have been disclosed to federal authorities. Cisive provides early notification of emerging reputational risks and can advise on changes to make in the direction of your company’s financial health and reputation.

Ongoing monitoring acknowledges the reality that even though a subject may have been cleared during pre-investment due diligence, time and circumstances can change. We advise clients on periodic and targeted re-screening programs. In addition, our experts have tools to continually monitor a dashboard of inputs and provide clients with early warning of reputational risk, financial problems, changes in ownership, involvement of politically exposed persons, and other variables. Our technology and global reach can provide invaluable assurance to our clients.

Talk to us about how our technology platform and products can help support your global compliance program and allow you to quickly identify and neutralize financial and reputation risks before they impact your organization.

Reputational Risk

Prevent lasting damage by implementing programs to provide early warning of emerging reputational risk. Monitor operations and manage potentially adverse events — real or perceived. The Cisive executive intelligence division has the research tools to deliver strategic intelligence and to detect and alert you of issues of potential concern in time for you to take preventative measures.

Financial Health Risk

Our proprietary tools can continuously monitor the financial health of your global business partners and key suppliers. Mitigate default risks and avoid unpleasant surprises by ensuring that you are warned of changes in the financial condition or credit exposure of those providing strategically important services. Ensure that your customers are in a position to pay for goods and services before they are provided.

Our Full Suite of Executive Intelligence Solutions

  • Pre-investment Due Diligence Cisive helps implement and manage global due diligence, fraud detection, and screening programs to ensure clients comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Our multidisciplinary team gives corporate decision-makers tailored solutions to mitigate risk.
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  • Advisory Services Cisive applies intelligent technology and global capabilities for litigation support, business and financial misconduct investigations, international asset tracing, and business relationship analysis.
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