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Pre-Investment Due Diligence From Cisive

An Full Array of Solutions to Ensure Client Compliance and Risk Mitigation

We help implement and manage global due diligence, fraud detection, and screening programs to ensure that clients comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Our multidisciplinary team provides corporate decision-makers with tailored solutions to mitigate business risk. Whether researching counterparties in a complex business transaction or validating the credentials of a new overseas business partner, Cisive Executive Intelligence solutions deliver actionable intelligence across the financial, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, entertainment, healthcare, real estate, and service sectors.

Pre-investment Due Diligence Products: Expertise, Breadth, and Global Reach

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the money lost by businesses to fraud amounts to over $3.5 trillion each year. Cisive uses its global reach and technology advantage to validate identities and match names against multiple commercially available and proprietary lists of known parties believed to be politically exposed or involved in criminal activity. We also check criminal, credit, and civil litigation records, verify the corporate structure and beneficial owners of any entity under review, and offer a wide range of value-added products to scan traditional and digital media for information of relevance to the project.

All of our services are backed by the Cisive technology platform and our many years of experience and expertise. 

Know Your Subject

Make business decisions with all the relevant information you need. We can help you develop a global screening and research program to identify red flags and authenticate information provided by target businesses and customers. Beyond traditional screening and Know Your Customer (KYC) programs, Cisive’s use of a wide range of commercially available and proprietary research tools not only protects your organization from the risks associated with engaging new business partners, but uncovers the hidden issues that may impact your reputation and finances.

Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence

Ensure that your property investment or counterparty is financially sound with a thorough examination of public and corporate records and a targeted review of legal, financial, and reputational matters.

Corporate, C-level, and Board-level Background Due Diligence

Protect your brand and your organization. Our research service provides detailed analysis and a comprehensive review of business history and structure, beneficial ownership, reputation, legal risks, and financial health of corporate entities and their principals. Whether you’re hiring a new member of your executive team, engaging a new business partner, or performing a comprehensive merger-and-acquisition due diligence, our highly professional team and suite of research tools can create a competitive difference.

Anti-money Laundering (AML) Compliance

Engage confidently in the global marketplace. Cisive’s intelligent solutions reveal disciplinary actions related to high-risk financial activities and securities fraud. Our rigorous program uses a proven proprietary technology to uncover deceptive financial practices, monitor risk profiles, and support regulatory compliance.

Supplier and Sales Agent Screening

Protect your supply chain with a proactive approach that uses our proprietary tools to validate the reliability of key suppliers. Use these tools to mitigate corruption concerns and liability, and protect your reputation when engaging overseas sales agents.

Our Full Suite of Executive Intelligence Solutions

  • Post-investment Due Diligence Cisive helps you monitor risks and maintain a competitive advantage after a business transaction or acquisition is concluded. Our solutions ensure your business partners, suppliers, and sales agents operate with integrity.
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  • Advisory Services Cisive applies intelligent technology and global capabilities for litigation support, business and financial misconduct investigations, international asset tracing, and business relationship analysis.
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