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Executive Intelligence From Cisive

Adding Value Through Targeted Research and Intelligent Technology

The Cisive executive intelligence division delivers actionable and targeted research to help our clients win competitive advantages. From due diligence to litigation support, we have the tools and expertise to provide information to support traditional business transactions and help our clients confidently explore new opportunities in the global marketplace.

  • Our research products are world class and have a global footprint.
  • We leverage the Cisive technological advantage and industry expertise to continuously evaluate and implement new techniques.
  • Our team of experts can provide detailed and actionable intelligence during all phases of the business cycle.

Pre-investment Due Diligence

Cisive helps implement and manage global due diligence, fraud detection, and screening programs to ensure clients comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Our multidisciplinary team gives corporate decision-makers tailored solutions to mitigate risk.
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Post-investment Due Diligence

Cisive helps you monitor risks and maintain a competitive advantage after a business transaction or acquisition is concluded. Our solutions ensure your business partners, suppliers, and sales agents operate with integrity.
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Advisory Services

Cisive applies intelligent technology and global capabilities for litigation support, business and financial misconduct investigations, international asset tracing, and business relationship analysis.
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